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 Custom modifications from motor to power steering & upgraded suspension. Welding & Fabricating. Engine rebuilding, paint, wiring & detailing. Carburetor replacement adjustment or rebuilding. Transmission & rear-end rebuilding. Hot Rods/Rat Rods. Turbo, high performance motor construction. Match your Engine paint to your vehicle color and have us detail your motor!


Rust removal, bodywork offered. Floor & Trunk replacements. Trim, Weather Stripping, Lights, Glass & Upholstery. Door, fender and quarter panel replacement. Engine Detailing and Paint. Parts replacement. Interior detail. Complete frame restoration.


We locate hard-to-find part or accessory for your vehicle or truck. Original or OEM parts for Domestic cars & trucks, 1918-1980 available. Dress up kits. Carbureted Motor parts. Carburetors. Fuel & brake systems. Gas tanks. Valve covers, Air Breathers, High Performance Parts. Drag & Racing Parts & Accessories. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Buick, Pontiac, Chrysler, Oldsmobile, Javelin, GMC. Interior and exterior hardware. Suspension kits. Wiring harnesses & more!

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